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email messageNEO, I had to giggle to myself when I read the post from Shanice. I am also one of those women who thought I could put you on lock. I don’t know if you realize how much of a endangered species a brother like you is compared to all the crap we usually have to put up with so I can’t blame a sister for trying. 🙂 My kids fathers are what I thought I wanted in a man. From their height and their complexion right down to the size of their feet and what they was packing between their legs. LOL. You know we had this talk already so I am not embarrassed to say nothing in my life prepared me to run into a brother that got what you packing between your ears. Considering how many thirsty dudes on here that fit the image of what I used to chase, I was heated when I felt like you didn’t take me seriously. Matter of fact I even printed that reply out I was so mad. But I was the one who asked you why you didn’t want to try to talk to me and you told me the truth. But you also said none of those reasons would keep you from chatting with me and being open to be friends. I almost cussed you out. I called my girlfriend and we had a time talking about your arrogant butt and how dare you think you all that to turn this down. LOL. But I played it cool and was looking for my chance to get back at you by staying as a friend on your page. I looked for ways to tear down what you had to say but I couldn’t say nothing because a lot of the things people asked you about was showing me some things too. Then when I had a question I made another profile using my sister picture so you wouldn’t know it was me. After you posted your reply I wrote you from this profile asking about your answer and you busted me. All I could do was laugh at myself. You clowned me for a week in my message box laughing and that’s how we became friends. All I can say Neo is I didn’t have any idea what I was looking for other than the fact that you was a challenge to me. But the truth is I never had a relationship with any man as special as I feel just being your friend. Thank you for showing me it is possible. The only thing I can say is every time I call myself talking to a guy and I say I read your website and we are friends, it don’t talk long for them to run after they go to your site. So I am not sure I am really doing me any favors being your friend. (joke). ;-). Anyway Neo, you know how crazy I am but I just had to add my two cents. -LAVONNE

MY REPLY: You might as well tell the whole truth girl. You had THREE different profiles coming at me all from the same city and state and I would watch the online lights switch between them laughing my butt off getting your messages. Girl you were a hot mess. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. You better be glad it wasn’t 2008 or 2009 because Evonne and Splendor and a few others on here will tell you I was wasn’t so nice back then. I used to put the whole thing front page of my website. People used to come on here just to see who did something crazy stupid and watch me go off. Really I had to ask God to forgive me because I was really bad about it and in most cases believed that folks had brought it on themselves by being stuck on stupid. Until one day I was teaching a friend about James 1:5 “If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God, who gives to all of us liberally, and upbraideth not.” Which means, without ridicule or saying I told you so and I had to call myself into account for my own knowledge despite the fact that people still tick me off. Our friendship is a result of that change. And I wouldn’t have it any other way. -NEO