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skindeepNEO, Let me ask you this. You seen my profile. I am a beauftiful volumptuous woman. Can you tell me why I keep losing mans to these ugly a** chicks that can scare cockroaches away? (Name withheld for obvious reasons)

MY REPLY: You can start by looking at the ugly thing you just said. Even a blind person would choose anybody but you if that is the way you look at people. Look, I don’t have a problem with a girl who looks good or cleans up good, but I have never ever been attracted to a woman who just knows she is cute and thinks she got it going on better than other people in the looks department. I am attracted to a humble spirit because that kind of woman has her priorities straight. Men see women like you as high maintenance.

Scripture says it is hard for a rich man to enter Heaven because he has so few needs in life that he starts to think he has no need for God. It is the same for those of us who are richly blessed- be it with outer beauty or talent. People assume a lot of me because of the work that I do and think I am not approachable. But once they take the time to look at how I let my spirit lead me, they understand I don’t fit the mold of your typical person in the public eye. My friends range from millionaires to penniless and I thank God for keeping my heart and mind grounded. What you said was so cruel and so ugly that, now when I look at your profile, it is impossible for me to appreciate any outer beauty you may have because beauty shines from within and your words were ugly from the bone. Those who depend too much on their outer beauty are not stable people to be with because they cannot age gracefully and are always threatened and insecure when faced with someone who may challenge them in the looks department.

I remember when I was in high school a Jamaican acapella choir came to perform and they sang a song that basically said that if you want to be happy it is better to marry a girl uglier than you. We all laughed about it. But the truth is, just like there are a lot of women who cannot handle the fact that my work exposes me to many women, there are a lot of men who avoid the drama that comes with a woman that is either too beautiful or too vain. In some countries it is even dangerous because men will kill you over it. That is why, in scripture, Abraham lied and told Abimelech and Pharoah that Sara was his sister (although she was indeed his half sister but they were married. They just don’t tell you that in church) .

Just like I make sure that I don’t let compliments about my work let me get a big head, I am very careful to look closely at the heart of a beautiful woman because, instead of accepting the truth, all she has to do is run away from it to the next guy willing to tell her what she wants to hear. That is made even worse by the stables of waiting dogs and hoes both sides keep on their friends list nowadays. So if that is what you were expecting by asking me this question, you came to the wrong dude. -NEO BLAQNESS