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sexualityloveThere was a time in my life that I used to think like you. I called myself being so holy that I had a real ungodly attitude toward anything other than straight people. I made hateful comments and jokes and acted like a real azz like anybody not straight was the scum of the earth. It was the way life was preached. But it wasn’t real life. And it certainly was not the love example Jesus led.

I opened my eyes to the world around me. Half of the music ministers and preachers were gay and church was their 12 step program they used to guilt trip themselves out of it. Everybody knew. Even grandmamas used ta say “they had a lil sugah”. Church was the perfect place for effeminate and closet gay men to use God as an excuse to get in touch with their inner woman without anybody complaining. As time went by, it never really surprised me who got “caught” out of the closet. You would hear the rumors and watch the police report in the paper about that married man caught by the police in a car with another man. But unless a woman was butch, they could keep the secret longer.

Women can hug, kiss, hold hands, and even dance all up on each other on the dance floor and nobody ever gave it a thought. Look at pictures even online. Other than dudes that are actually brothers, how many guys have pics that are as hugged up as women? In fact women can get away with changing their sexuality every other month on their profile and nobody blinks. But let a guy be gay on his profile for a week and to the women he is gay forever.

Generally a woman is threatened by a gay guy but, when it comes to non straight women, a guy, unless he wants to play the holy roller card is generally thinking “man can I watch?” or “Thank you Jesus, THREE – SOME!!” It is also hilarious the hypocrisy of women that I know for a fact claim to be straight and have been with women but are very judgmental toward any man who has ever been less than straight. I outgrew sexual bigotry when one of my best friends in college was bullied into a suicide attempt. That story is on my website. I stood by her in college and became very close to her and her gay friends. And I looked past my own bigotry and into their humanity and found the true Jesus in me and not just the words preached at me.

Later caring for a brother dying of AIDS but seeing the obvious difference in how people reacted when someone was not gay with it versus those who were gay made me want to throw up. Are there people who, for some reason choose to be gay? Yes. Just look at all the women who know they tried it and still hide it- even some of you. But I also believe, for most, it is just who they are and it makes no sense hating them into hiding it.

I have the same problem with ALL promiscuous people regardless of their sexuality. It breaks my heart that they cannot love themselves enough to see how beautifully and wonderfully made their lives are. Some of your profiles make me weep when I see you half naked looking for love. But then how can you expect gay and transsexual people to act any different when half of us hate on them without even wanting to know who they are? They have to work even harder for love than you and you are already half naked looking for it. They are our brothers and sisters and cousins and somebody’s child. Even more, they are God’s child. To everything there is a season. Sexuality exists to make babies. Sexuality does not exist outside of the body. Jesus said that there is no such thing as male or female in heaven. Only love. It only takes  lust to be sexual. It takes courage to be loving. Even more so to look past the shell of a body to love another soul completely. I am not qualified to judge the morality of an honest love. And neither are you. -NEO BLAQNESS