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by Neo Blaqness

There is no such thing as waiting on God because God doesn’t make decisions for you. And even if He did, you wouldn’t have to wait for it. All wisdom is there for anyone who seeks it and there is no choice that you make that God will stop you from making.

When we say we are waiting on God, what we are actually saying is we either don’t want to make the decision, or we don’t like the answer that wisdom has already shown us to be right. So don’t be out there saying you just waitin on da lawd when James wrote in his epistle that if any of us, when faced with a problem, a decision, or having to make a choice, feels tested because we feel like we lack the knowledge or wisdom to do anything, that we should ask God who gives to all of us according to what we are open to receive.

When you say you are waiting on God, it means you have been closed to what the spirit in you has usually already been trying to tell you because Jesus said that spirit would be the way you would know God after he was gone. Since that spirit is always with you, there is nothing to wait on.

Many of us, my black azz included, who say we waiting on a good person in our lives have met plenty of people who just happen to have messed up sides to them just like we all do. And so we act like tomorrow is promised and wait years for somebody who we feel is not going to be as much work when we ourselves can be just as much a handful. I had to learn to stop looking at people based on their problems and start looking at them based on how they HANDLE their problems.

The difference with a lot of women is y’all look at men based on the problems you think you can FIX and that is not the same thing as that person seeking wisdom and growing on their own. And a lot of y’all are repeat offenders complaining about all the things you sacrificed and did for a man who dogged you.

I had to learn the hard way dealing with women who I allowed to use me as an emotional crutch so much that I had no right to complain when they couldn’t walk and became a burden. The reality is, once you cut through all the bull and booty and vanity, a strong relationship is possible between ANY two people who choose to walk in wisdom and in truth- whatever issues exist because that is how two people strengthen each other as individuals while also being together.

Based on that, if any of us who truly desires to have someone in our lives are still single this time next year, I honestly feel that we will have no one else to blame. Because if the spirit of God truly dwells in the midst of two or more gathered with a purpose to do right, then we only need choose to do right BY EACH OTHER in order to be happy.

I could go down my whole friends list and come up with a reason to see every available woman as not for me. But if I honestly looked at their issues and measured it against her spirit to want to do right and be better, I have no excuse for complaining about being single because there are more than enough of you whose issues can be worked through with someone who is not too spoiled or lazy, or thinking maybe there is someone else they don’t have to work as hard in order to be with and that is just the sad truth.

I call myself out when I see that I am wrong. A lot of us who are single and call ourselves people of faith, aren’t really waiting on God, but on our own self centered egos. It doesn’t mean that every spirit filled person is the person you need to be with, but it does mean you never know until your first conversation is with their heart and not with your eyes on their body or their issues. I have come to the conclusion that I am only single because I have failed to give others the same consideration that Jesus gave me. And that stops today. -NEO BLAQNESS