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By Neo Blaqness

You say you aren’t a religious man but do you believe in good and evil? Is it something that is made up or have you known it to be real for yourself? -Ms Diandre

MY REPLY: Indeed I have. Regardless of your views of God or religion, I can say with absolute certainty that there are forces of good and evil beyond the full understanding of man- beings more powerful than us that play a role in our comfort, manipulation, and in our destruction.

However, there are rules which define how far they can go without our knowledge and participation. We are given just enough rope to either hang or save ourselves. Do I believe they are gods or sent by a god? No. They are flawed beings just like us but with greater power and knowledge and because of how much more powerful than us they are, we have called them gods according to our limited understanding but as we ourselves have grown in knowledge, more of us now know better, but you can’t just erase primitive worship and belief systems that man has relied upon for tens of thousands of years.

The time will come soon when what we call gods and angels and demons will reveal themselves for what they are and we will take our unique place among them. Mankind has been given a gift to learn about life from the ground up. By having our spirits temporarily bound to these frail bodies, we have the potential of a wisdom that will surpass others who have been so richly powerful for so long that they no longer know of love in the manner that we have been so abundantly blessed to know by experiencing sickness, and joy, and gender, and forgiveness that is as much beyond their understanding as their power has been beyond ours.

For now we see through a glass darkly, but then we will come face to face with a truth as commonly understood as our own name. The circle of life is so much more than books and religions, wars and worship, even planets and stars. All of existence are mere tools for our learning to be. Just as some of us use this life to be rich or powerful or famous whilst others sacrifice and dwell in humility for the edification of others, there are agendas amongst our more powerful brethren who both marvel at and fear the ascending spirit of man once we are released from these bodies.

Those who can dwell among us, do so to learn and some to influence. Those who cannot take our form, possess the bodies of the weak for a season. I know that I have encountered both kinds. The burden of my gift of discernment is such that they cannot hide from me. So over my lifetime, they have stopped trying.

I had numerous conversations with the spirit that tormented my ex wife. When I was a caregiver for my 94 year old great uncle, there was a spirit that would stabilize his dementia and give him clear thinking long enough for him to tell me the deeds that were done to him by those who thought he was unaware. There was a spirit who used the dark and malicious heart of a relative who laughed as his eyes glowed telling me the dark family lies and secrets kept from me about my birth.

There was a spirit years afterwards that walked up to me and ministered to me in great detail telling me all that I had suffered and all that it was meant for me to become. There was a spirit who was the embodiment of the perfect woman for me and knew my heart inside out and was so enraged by my seeing the deception at the last minute, that its eyes glowed during a video chat and my computer smoked and was destroyed.

Oh yes, I have known these terrible truths for quite some time. For every spirit that has intended me harm, I am also in awe of those who have granted me favor in ways that those closest to me and including me are left speechless daily. Whatever evils have been done to me or troubles I face, I have never been without one who reveals them self- be it for good or bad. I have come to understand that they are attracted to the purpose of one’s heart- some to test it, others to protect it. I do not fully understand why I have been so protected. All I can try to do is maintain a heart that is worthy of it. -NEO BLAQNESS