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-by Neo Blaqness

To you
for whom
some things
are a sin
let it be
a sin for you
but in a free
you cannot
legislate YOUR truth
you cannot simply
have your way
because you can’t
stand the sight
of same sex people
in relationships
tell me
what gives you
the right
the legacy of
in this country
once denied
my humanity
using the very same
Word of God
using scripture
as their guide
then elected
into politics
to perpetrate
it was these
self same Holy Rollers
who came up with
Jim Crow Laws
even today
in His Holy name
Remember Romney’s 47 percent
the sicker crime
is black folk align
with these demons
the Devil sent
Quote me all
the scripture you want
about man
laying with man
but we are a Democracy
we are not
the Taliban
We don’t wear burkas
nor live like Sherpas
we are not of
monolithic mind
the freedom to be
who we are
is not to God
a crime
but what really is
is what comes from
your lips
when you are given a chance
to stand up for Jesus
not through preachers
but by love
for your fellow man
Yesterday it was blacks, Jews, and women
today it’s a gay marriage ban
Remember Sodom and Gomorrah
only fell
for lack of
ONE righteous man
for if we fear
that such legislation
will turn this nation
into ashes and salt
then surely
there are none
who are righteous at all
what then
does that say
about us