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Hope Changes
-by Neo Blaqness

I had a troubled friend ask me today
In the end what difference
does it really make to pray
when god is not listening anyway
if he even exists at all
so I asked him if you agree
to just listen to me
perhaps I can help
to break down some walls
you see religion is like your ABC’s
teaching you only basic things
but in order to grow
and to be in the know
you have to spread your wings
beyond the books
of preachers and crooks
who claim to speak
in the name of a god
and proclaim what they say
is the only way
when preaching’s
their only job
making it easy to believe
they’re all frauds
but for a moment let’s say
we take the word god away
and replace it with the word wisdom instead
and let’s also lay
aside the word pray
then tell me what comes to your head
when life makes you grieve
drives you down to your knees
and you are searching
for ways to cope
whether a god or religion
is what you believe
we empower each other through hope
that we give when we share
through good thoughts whether prayer
is what we choose when we call
on our hearts to proclaim
no matter in whose name
the hope of wisdom
dwells in us all
increasing our chances
to figure out answers
stronger together than alone
whether you find it easier
to think it divine
makes no one more right or wrong
remember the day
you first heard your heart say
when you looked at someone
hoping that it was love
feelings are transferred
when our spirits pray
and I believe that ability
comes from above
not from a person
who controls our thoughts
and our every way of living
but a light of wisdom
to all living things
that has been there
from the beginning
if it is easier for someone
to call it god
so be it
if they are willing