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stones“One of the things that has always bothered me with religious people judging gay people is that they always try to say that gay relationships are only about sex. Really? Have you ever watched two gay friends go through a breakup? I think it’s easier to try to leave the Mafia. Us straight people break up quicker and with less passion. Disagreeing with homosexuality is your right as an individual soul according to your own conscience. But justifying your position by dehumanizing the integrity of the love shared is both ungodly and unchristian. For were the same applied to every second marriage between straight people that was not due to death or adultery, by that same standard- a great many are in adulterous marriages and therefore cannot also see the Kingdom of God. But blessed be, as with the woman whom the crowd gathered to stone for her sins, Jesus spoke grace unto the sins of all gathered, including her; that a single rock was not thrown. I beseech thee therefore Christians, to empty thine pockets.” -Neo Blaqness

I had to add this because the dialogs between me and readers got pretty interesting:

“Amen to that and pass the blackeyed peas. Two of my dearest spiritual daughters are gay, and before God assigned them to Me I used to think it was my duty to help them get it straight, what I learned from them is how to love unconditionally and they became more a blessing to me than initially I could have ever been. Now I pray for only their closer walk with Yahweh and their happiness with whomever they choose to love.” Responder 1

“Let us not put our feelings into the matter of sin… Remember Jesus did tell the women go and Sin no more… what does God say about it… is the bottom line… what we feel or how we feel Does not matter to a Holy God once He has Spoken… God will not allow in your life what Christ Die on the Cross for… pointing to bad behavior to justify bad behavior is not the issue… our feelings are not the issue… the issue is does God call it Sin…” ~ Responder2

MY REPLY: “Compassion is a feeling and the Spirit within guides our compassion. How and what God says to you through your Spirit is relative to what you are ready able and willing to receive. It is never to be marginalized by passionless group think theology. Whilst, indeed the heart can be deceitfully wicked above all else, it is only the Creator who truly knows the heart of man. Emotionless calculations of the biblical permutations of Sin are the religious politics of the Pharisee and have no place in spirituality. Whatever your spirit defines to you as a sin, then be accountable to it and pray for understanding in others, but persecute not. If your light is of God, He will prove Himself in it. Don’t use the cross to cast shadows of hate veiled in the cloak of a finite understanding of grace. With that, I will leave it alone.” -Neo Blaqness

“Do you believe God had feelings or compassion for Christ when He was on the cross… if so why did He (God) not stop it… Why because feeling and compassion must yield to the truth as God see it not as we see it… Sin is defined by God not by our understanding… we are not God He has said in this area that it is Sin… and it is Clear in his word… if you choice to ignore it that is your choice (free will) We cannot say that God does not call it Sin because He Calls it Sin… God has and does leave it at that…” ~ Responder2

MY REPLY: “Sir, you are free to follow your conscience and understanding to whatever end it fulfills your walk. But you are walking on my page. I did not walk on yours. Now, walk in peace.” -Neo Blaqness

“wow… so if i don’t agree… step off… were is your compassion… i guess your feelings has shown me the door… truth always recognizes truth… i’m ( Responder2) and i’m out…”

“No, you just don’t argue with closed minds or closed hearts even if it is someone you see as a brother. Within my responses are the sum of what I thought it wise to say. In fact, I never addressed the issue of sin. I addressed the issue of Christian compassion in response to a perception of Sin, however it is arrived upon. So you do place words within my mouth which were never said. It is not for me to speak to you combatively because I know that spirit all too well. That is why I said go in peace. And I sincerely meant it with love.” -Neo Blaqness

“And this is why folks, we need to be careful in understanding the lines between our beliefs and our actions. I appreciate the dialog of this thread because people need to see that we can respectfully walk our faith differently. Paul and Barnabas did so as well though we know not the exact reason for their parting of ways. Indeed, there is a place for the rhetoric of the gentleman in this discussion. But consider also the equal authority of the alternative to exist: when we choose to walk in quiet faith without open judgement, it becomes possible for the light of God’s love to shine through. The sword of truth is not a weapon meant to go out and champion God. God needs no champions. He needs the FAITHFUL. Vengeance is mine saith the Lord. We are called to love each other and that requires an open, compassionate, and long-suffering spirit. Love cannot be won at the point of a sword even if the sword is of truth. I cannot run into a crowd of lost people with a gun and say follow me or die while pointing it at them. You arm yourself with truth to protect YOU. You fill yourself with compassion to lead others regardless of their agreement with your truth. As I said earlier, if your truth is of God, He will show HIMSELF in it. He don’t need you slinging fire and brimstone. That is not being dismissive of truth, neither condoning any sin, but allowing faith to have its perfect work, and that takes time, patience, and a whole lot of love. I am speaking of our responsibility one to another as human beings. Where you have every right to stand is when someone invades your actual home, space, or person trying to force you to live outside of your truth. Unfortunately, far too many want to claim the very air of the earth as their space and think they have a right to “defend” their truth as though everyone else is unworthy to even breath. That is why I say simply WALK in your truth. Let your light so shine that men might see God in you even if they didn’t believe in Him to begin with. The realm of possibilities are limitless when we lay down our arms, and wrap them instead.” -Neo Blaqness