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by Neo Blaqness

There are many gods
but one Creator.
The fear of gods
is the sustenance of ignorance.
The worship of gods
is the suppression of truth.
The wisdom of gods
is the perfecting of our faith.
To walk with gods
is the promise of our progress.
To be god with gods
is the fulfillment of our inheritance.
To know this truth
is to honor the Creator
who is the father of all gods
big and small.
For we can only make things
out of that which He created.
The Creator creates out of love
Gods make things out of vanity
In their image they fancy
the reflection of themselves
Hidden behind the darkened glass
of religious mirrors
Until the Creator reveals them
For the foolishness of their ways
And welcomes all that is His
Into the fellowship of Spirit
For all souls
Have been made by His hand
Or through the handiwork of His design
So worship not our brothers
Who masquerade as our fathers
Seeking honor for the seeds which He created
Their wisdom and their wickedness
Is for our learning
And our learning
For their edification
For this cycle of life
Is but a single step
Within a greater
Circle of Truth