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by Neo Blaqness

When I look into your eyes
whose eyes do I see
not your mammas or your daddys
but some shade made
In a factory
When we hooked up
on the dance floor
I was checkin out your doo
I would run my fingers
through your hair
If I knew
how much of it
was really you
or my hands
along your soft skin
cept all I keep feelin
are the blisters
from your new tatoos
A woman used to grow
and keep her nails
At least
that’s how it used to be
now its every month or so
without fail
to buy them from Choon Lee
Gold teeth worth more
than child support
Shoes worth more
than your own front door
A purse that cud
pay for groceries
Gurl you dont need
all that bling
just so a man
can make your pussy sing
the same old off key song
stair stepped kids
from different dads
thinkin Mamma was a Rollin Stone
shud be your ringtone
and yet you say
you lookin
for a real azz nicca
to love you
for who you are
and take responsibility
While you frontin
everybody elses brand
gurl understand your history
it ain’t no mystery
that we was bred to be
billboards for eerbody elses mentality
ask yourself
how much money
do we actually make
off all our efforts at bein fake
We burn our daughters hair
cuz they taught us self hate
then sold us a horse
just so we cud have braids
and we think its somethin
we created?
Maybe I’m a little too old Skool
cuz what you’ve gotten used to
we was told don’t play the fool
progress often means
that we evolve from who we are
Queens denied her royalty
wearing a crown of brand loyalty
not even to the glory
of her own seed
is that really how
it needs to be?
For the days of castles
are long past
there are no more kingdoms
no more thrones
those days were lost
when we were taken
from our homes
Stripped of our humanity
given new names and new gods
under slave mastery
that lingers still today
If there is yet one last place
you would be queen
I beg thee
be that of
your own