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by Neo Blaqness

There is a crack
in the wall
between me and you
If I press my face
against it
I can see right through
and upon my cheek
a kiss of grateful air
that has found
a place to move
a yearning breeze
squeezed between
two hardened
hearts of stone
formed when love
unwarmed turned cold
in the frost
of another’s arms
yet beating still
I can feel its will
pushing to be free
melting into
glistening tears
the wall
between you and me
I cannot help but contemplate
our fate should we prevail
to melt it all
would form our sea of love
on which to sail
through irony’s
hallowed halls
no more disdain
neither shall I complain
about another’s wall
for its noble purpose
is to protect from pain
til it has a reason to thaw
and only fails to do so
for those who
have no warmth
at all