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Chances Are

I don’t know if they teach this anymore but this is what I was taught in college years ago. Each time you have sex with someone, they leave a part of their DNA inside you.

Gone to The Dawgs

Now they even going as far as posting pics wearing dog ears and dog noses and they have no idea what that is really saying about who we are. It ain’t cute. It ain’t funny.

If Love Begins With L, Why Do We Start by Chasing The O

The friends I have with permanent STD’s didn’t get them by being deliberately promiscuous. Most got them from compromising themselves at a point of loneliness or weakness and now have to live with that for the rest of their lives. And even when the result wasn’t an STD but an unplanned pregnancy, it is still hard to look a child in the eye knowing that either your lust or your loneliness created a life that should have been made out of love.