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I know a lot of people that spend a lot of time on their knees. I mean a LOT of time. In the Christian church they a praised as prayer warriors. I am one who favors the peace of mind and clarity of purpose and direction that can come through prayer. But all too often people spend too much of their lives waiting for an answer from God when they should be getting up off of their knees asking for directions along the way.

I live on the east coast and I know California is on the west coast. I may not know exactly what route to take to get there but I do know enough to start by getting on whatever road is heading west. Am I likely to get lost here and there? Certainly, but that is where others can help point me as I get off course. So much of life is like this but so few of us possess the courage of faith to just get up and move. We blame it on waiting for God when in many cases; we just don’t want to recognize that the task requires us to do the uncomfortable like relying on the good sense we were born with while also knowing when it is time to ask for directions. What we are really waiting for is for God or anyone else to make it easier. So we mask our fears by staying on our knees appearing to be noble and humble when, in reality, we are spiritual cowards.

Why do we read scripture as though thousands of years have taught us nothing better than the people in it knew? They were children compared to what man has discovered about himself and the universe. These discoveries are not a threat to God because we were challenged to test and to take dominion over this realm. This means taking the time to understand the science and design of the universe so that we will ultimately have no choice but to conclude that there has to be an intentional purpose to it all.

So many things that were a mystery to the primitive understanding of early worshipers that they simply called “God” is what science has discovered to be by intricate design. It is no threat to God that we have, but a testament to the greatness of his handiwork and the fact that we were created to learn all of these mysteries. If you truly believe that we are made in God’s image and that we are the “sons” of God, then aren’t the infants who are born of parents taught by their parents in order to someday assume the responsibilities of adulthood? Thus, as spiritual beings- sons of God made in His image, what are we learning to grow up to be? Dare we admit that the logic reveals that we ourselves are gods in training?

We have turned our personal spiritual responsibility into religion and instead of recognizing our own spiritual authority, we have given our understanding over to being directed by “leaders” who tell us when, how, what, and where to worship, pray, study, and live. The Apostle Paul forewarned that there is a time to put away childish things. If my job in life is to teach the illiterate how to read, then my task is complete once I have done so. They are then responsible for what they do with the ability. If they return to me to discuss something that they have read, they come as an equal in the fellowship of discussion and no longer as a student looking toward a leader.

Religion is not about the fellowship of equals- which is what made the concept of the church truly revolutionary compared to every other religion that required people to be subject to “more enlightened and sanctified” leaders. When the Hebrews made the Exodus from Egypt, they made a god of gold despite having one that had already effectively guided them that far. When Christ arrived on the scene, instead of embracing the freedom that he tried to teach, they wanted to make him King. We have not changed one bit. Out of the thousands of historical documents that discuss the time of Christ and history, man decided which ones should be a part of The Official Bible and then formed a cult called Christianity to protect its version of righteousness.

These people even had the audacity to state that anybody adding or taking away from THEIR reader’s digest version of history was in danger of going to hell when they themselves decided what would be in it and what would not. For example, if you are going to include the writings of Paul that you believe to be God inspired, why not include ALL the writings of Paul? -Likewise with each of the “Bible Greats”. Yet we are taught to believe that everything these prophets and apostles ever taught is included in the Bible. Who was it that decided which of their works was “holy enough” for the Bible and which were not?

Interestingly enough, the Christian religion is reaping from another scripture that warned about suffocating the truth. Scripture warned that the rocks would cry out. And indeed for thousands of years to this day the rocks continue to cry out. Through archeology, science, and ancient writings the superstition of The Holy Bible is proving to be the foolishness that it is. We are finding that God had a whole lot more to say through all of human history than people with their own agendas wanted to include.

So what do I consider myself and whom do I worship? I am a Son of God, sibling of the angels and of Christ my older brother. I have an inheritance to the throne of God, which I was able to recognize and follow through the example set by my brother Jesus Christ whom I love but do not worship anymore than my own children should worship each other no matter the greatness that any one of them might achieve. There is but one creator and that is the Father.

I follow the wisdom of my heavenly father who, through Christ, set the example of living in this realm, but has placed within me, all of the potential of godly greatness I ever need. I do not require of man anything that I do not already possess or cannot attain through connecting to God through those undiscovered things that He has already placed within. However, the fellowship of man allows me to perfect my ability to love and to increase my understanding through the trials that we often create for each other.

I do not go to church. I am the church; along with every human being who understands and accepts who the creator is and why they were made, and the purpose of the example of Christ. All else is either fellowship or foolishness. I enjoy the connections and the bonds of those who embrace their membership and participate in the spiritual family of God, however, I loathe the pompous arrogance of the self righteous who dare call anyone less than Godly, those who do not subscribe to their often narrow view of life. These are the same who believed that the world was flat and that to study the stars was blasphemous to God. These are the ones who burned witches and marched upon nations, and enslaved others, in the delusional name of God. I avoid the temples of that ilk.

Since God has placed within the universe and us all the answers we need to know for this time, what is even more sacred than the church or any text that we may accept as scripture is our personal responsibility to live a life of good courage to discover all that we have the potential to be. No pastor, preacher, or Sunday school teacher can tell you how to do this. It is a journey solely between the God that is, and the god that is within.

To me, worship is the act of deferring my finite knowledge to the infinite wisdom placed by God for us to discover. There is no greater honor to any father than for his child to seek what is right, and to succeed in the mastering of those discoveries. The answers that we seek are always before us. Nothing is with held. Nothing is hidden. Nothing requires another living soul to tell us that which we should do.

We each can be used to share something that we have learned. And there is nothing that suggests that God no longer speaks to man. But since when do we honor a God that cannot speak for himself such that he needs to be franchised through the Ministry Industry? I sincerely doubt that Jesus would be making an appearance on the stage of any tele-evangelist program for any reason other than a repeat performance of clearing the moneychangers from the temple, in living color. But the way that this world works, it would probably only be available on Pay Per View. I know I’d pay to see it.