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-by Neo Blaqness

Have you ever
tried to breathe
with a heart so broken
that you start to wheeze
a single word
is even spoken
Like someone
done literally
reached in and did
with their bare hands
pulled out that rib
right through the flesh
without even
crackin open
your chest
ain’t no bruise
ain’t no blemish
but each time
you draw air
you double over
and wince
like you breathing against
the weight of the world
on your chest
you just
want to lay there
and die
get it over with
your heart struggles
to pump blood
without any air
with each exhaled cry
all you can manage
are tears
that flow like a fountain
right down to your toes
a river so strong
it must flow be flowin
from your soul
you cry out to God
pleading and wishin
for your relationship
to be restored
til you look
over on the shores
and they over there