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by Neo Blaqness

The feeling I had
when I woke up today
I have had
many times before
because that’s what
it means to
find someone
you have come
to love
and adore
some might say
that it would hurt
to hear that
you are not
the first
that there have been
in the past
may make you believe
this won’t last
but stop and think
let’s be real
it’s through heartache
that we learn to feel
and come correct
from past mistakes
we live
we love
we bond
we break
into many pieces
of ourselves
on the shelf
of life afraid
of the next fall
until we hear
a lover’s call
leap our hearts
into a mist
enraptured by
the hidden bliss
we somehow
knew was there
you see faith
is the difference
falling in love
or just tumbling
through the air

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