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-by Neo Blaqness

This morning
for some reason
I slept in
resting past the sounds
of the birds singing
welcoming the break of dawn
Something I never do
without two arms around me
or a breath upon my chest
or legs intertwined
that aren’t mine
a luxury that I alone
never grant to myself
lest exhaustion gives me
no choice
Yet my eyes awoke
to the brightness of the day
stretched across that place
where once
I dared not lay
turning to that side
I hesitated to be
Using that sacred pillow
meant only for Yesterday’s face
reclaiming myself
I guess
reclaiming my space
reclaiming my joy
reclaiming my faith
all tested
by the ugliness
of Yesterday’s ways
living in a bondage
of my own making
A senseless
self sacrifice
This morning
God’s cheerful warning
“Get on with your life”
Let dead things die
Walk by faith
Stop talking with your eyes
Cuz people can
straight faced
look at you and lie
but faith from the heart
is a love
that cannot fail
look for the same
in another
lest you share
and cast more
precious pearls
among swine
for those pearls
are your days
and those days
are the time
that you might
achieve in the last
a perfect knowledge of ME
and past
so awake to this day
and walk on my son
Yesterday is gone
for you
there is more
yet to come