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-by Neo Blaqness

Brown girl
Brown girl
I wanted you
to be my world
So I worked hard
I wanted to be free
but instead you wanted
no part of me
Brown girl
Brown girl
why it is
that back in the day
bruthas like me
got clowned as gay
for daring to dream
of what I am today
instead of you
letting me have my way
and making a baby
I left
You stayed
Brown girl
Brown girl
After college
I rolled back through
you accused me of thinking
I’m better than you
Cuz I wasn’t into drinking
or smoking loud
I guess I thought
that you’d be proud
Brown girl
Brown girl
I wanted you
to be my world
but you wouldn’t
marry me as me
but when that white girl did
you got all pissy
Brown girl
Brown girl
after I returned
to the single life
you swear now
you the wifey type
but you ain’t wearing no clothes
on Tagged, Facebook, or Skype
Brown girl
Brown girl
I never stopped
wanting you
to be my world
but now it seems like
you doing everything you can
to think like a lady
but act like a man
when I ain’t neva had
a bigger dream
than you
Brown Girl