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by Neo Blaqness

Why do I even want you in my life
I can’t even give you away
without paying some price
lawd knows Im no saint
I don’t do it to be nice
I don’t claim you to be
something that you ain’t
I give you away
cuz its right
and there’s too much of you
for me to sleep well at night
Seems like
no sooner than
I find someone
in need of understanding
and I give you to them
Its always some damn fight
You supposed to be
the perfect gift
but from everything I learned
not quite
and I don’t like it
Someone always seems to pack you up
and send you back
not quite the same way they got you
at least not from me
Half eaten spoiled and incomplete
wanting me to believe
thats how you was received
taking the purity
of what I gave
sending me back
some damn disease
But I test you
before you leave my door
Lest anybody say
You came from some ho
Who let others cum
and go as they please
coughing all ova u
makin you sneeze
the shit you bring back
sho nuff aint come from me
I swear unpunished
goes no good deed
So tell me love
Why do I even want you in my life
you take more than you’ve ever given
never brought me a wife
worth living with
or anyone who dont
spin the gift
into some twisted twine
to make a noose
to hang my ass
befo I get enuf sense
to cut myself loose
I don’t blame
the crazy bitches
I blame you
why you always itchin
to find that otha
part of you
you think might be missin
will you really die
without kissin up to somebody
trying to multiply
wtf? come on don’t lie
Cuz Im kinda tired of your ass
you say you got class
but why you always in school
givin up your PhD
for someone elses
uneducated rules
compassion and compromise
are the piles of shit
on which emotional flies
live and breed
so I guess you are responsible
for all this damn disease
And yet I also know
we cant live this life
without fever
trying to be too clean
dont really work either
we were once young and dumb
kids sharing the slime
of mommas apple on stick
but over time that grime
is what made us grow strong
and not as sick
as sanitary kids today
So I guess love
I owe you an apology
excuse this momentary
lapse of sanity
cuz there aint nuthin bout u
that sposed to be
anything but an epiphany
I have made you who you are
and you have made me
who I am
both faithful and flawed
nevertheless still
a man