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by Neo Blaqness

when you looked at me
your eyes smiled with the innocence
of a girl who had never known sadness
Your face glowed
like a child given a long awaited gift
You tilted your head and blushed
like a teenager
whose first love admitted
to feeling the same way about you
And yet the years between
those days and today
have been long
with every reason
for that innocence to be lost
and face lined with disappointment
and heart hardened by battle
But somehow
the love that is there
when we share a glance
covers the multitude of sins
between your heart and mine
with a bed of the Rose of Sharon
and a fragrance of that sweet spirit
which pollinates through the winds of time
the path which is our future
Would that I walk
and not trample upon this seed
nor crush a single petal
of so blossoming a love as this
that the flower of my new day
might bloom forever