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by Neo Blaqness

There’s a place in my bed
where I hate to sleep
I can’t even turn
that way no more
without seeing
you looking back at me
with a light
that the darkness
neva could absorb
I done slept
in this room
many a day
long before
you was ever here
but the memories of you
won’t go away
cant close my eyes
without seeing you clear
can’t turn on my back
without feeling your ride
cant sleep to my left
without rememberin
you from behind
walk into this room at night
and I see your silhouette
I still get aroused
by the scent of your sweat
but I done washed everything
yet there’s something
that keeps lingering
I think
it’s my love for you
when I look to my left
its not that I just
see you missin
from your side of the bed
its the shadow of your smile
when you rubbed my head
touched the hair on my face
kissed me long deep and wet
inside of me
long before I knew
the feel of inside you
and that just can’t be replaced
by a bomb azz body
on a pretty young thang
life aint about tightness
its about how you hang
I’m tired of the whiteness
tryin to stick to me like glue
there ain’t nuthin like
the mocha chocolate thyckness of you
dipped with my cinnamon stick
and ready whip cream
all ova those lips
one drink of you
can make a man cuss
damn baby
aint got shit on us
I don’t know
maybe all this
is just in my mind
and the emptiness is something
I have no right to redefine
but I can’t bring myself
to hang
the vacancy sign