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by Neo Blaqness

There’s not a day
that I forgot to say
I love you
not a single day
forget to say
I care
not a day went by
I didnt work
to know your struggles
not a day
that you didn’t know
that I was here
not a day that
I put myself above you
not a day
I didn’t lift
you up in prayer
not a day
when we met
I didn’t hug you
or seek ways
to ease your
pain and many fears
but everyday
you asked
for understanding
and when given it
you only asked for more
making me feel as if
I was too demanding
that I should ask
that you should
practice opening doors
that you hid behind
instead of being truthful
with yourself
and someone
that you claim you love
passing notes in class
was cute when we were youthful
but for grown ass
men and women
it’s not enough
the silent little woman
of the fifties
might work for
big dick men with little brains
but for real men of today
that shit feels shifty
now it feels like
all my care
has been in vain
It’s not that I believe
you never loved me
or think somehow
you ever meant me harm
but taking me for granted
came too easy
sabotaging simple things
at every turn
I don’t know if
its that you feel unworthy
or maybe somehow feel
deserving of more
I’m content to know
my love was not self serving
and unlike the past
this time content
to close the door
not with malice nor hatred
neither is there sadness
I do this so
my sanity is spared
I can’t live another day
within the madness
of my heart
on life support
at convenient care