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by Neo Blaqness

Before the winters
of our discontent
after the summer
that we met
I made the trek
while you slept
twenty miles
just to uncover
the snow
that piled upon
the windows
of your car
opened the door
to leave a card
and a fistful
of chocolate kisses
on your seat
because you had
no Valentine
I just figured
I would make you mine
but that was
many wounds ago
little did I know
how deep the hurt
had already flowed
into the many
crevices of your life
but what I came
to later understand
despite all the
things that happened
is that I was made
to endure
and I prepared
as best I could
for the moment that
I knew you would
eventually cast upon
me more
weight than I had
ever known before
but I bore it because
you could bear no more
I am now
what I will always be
what I was meant
before you and me
and yet there is
more that I’ve
come to see
because of you
there will yet
be a time
when we can look back
at that Valentines
without regret
for the paths
that we chose
for you possess
the greatest gifts
the blossoming seeds
from a single rose