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by Neo Blaqness

We had a love
for all the wrong reasons
you were looking for
someone to believe in
you for a change
and not just complain
about all of the things
you never could be
instead of the things you are
And so everyday
you awoke with
the painful reminders
of living a lie
to yourself most of all
and then began
quite a fall
while I constantly
called you to fly
Instead you reached out
your hand to me
I questioned your sanity
when you were
trying your best
not to die
I could easily reason then
many things from
the weariness
it brought to my life
what has remained then as now
on my mind is somehow
I should have found a way
despite all the strife
I guess in the end
I was not quite the friend
I always promised to be
but it wasn’t revenge
that made me step away
it was that we were
too close to see
through the darkness
and dust we heaped
on each other
clawing and crumbling
our way out to breathe
and now that the air
has found it’s way clear
and we have managed to achieve
freedom from that prison
we can finally listen
to what our hearts
must have known all along
that if given fair chance
the notes of romance
would have eventually
written our song
instead we were soldiers
battling composers
marching to different beats
it seems that the only
harmony we shared
was written between the sheets
I admit I didn’t cry
the day the music died
for so long
it became just a noise
sounding brass
tinkling symbols
of love in a thimble
we both knew well deserved
to be more
now in the silence of years
I have found all the tears
you deserved from me
well before
our time got away
still there’s time yet to say
come what may
there will never be enough
memories of pain
that the enemy can bring
to stop me from thinking
of you
with love