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(Inspired by a letter)
by Neo Blaqness

I heard you
the other day
I swear
It was only in my head
but I heard
my mouth say
things that used to
make me scream
inside when you
used to say
them to me
and I’d roll my eyes
say “talk to the hand”
cuz you must think
I’m three
I’m a grown ass woman
believe me
I showed you
last night
between those sheets
then you would
walk away
in silence
while my mind
went violent
you laughing at me
no wonder you
hit the streets
cuz looking back
at that
I wouldn’t want
to live with me
but it’s crazy
how things linger
sittin with my niece
waggin my finger
thinkin I’m givin
her a piece
of my mind
when part of it
is yours
I just wanted
you to know
you left some things
when you went
out the door
too big for me
to wear before
but I grew
into them well
yes we had
our nights
of heaven
but still
I want to say
for the hell