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by Neo Blaqness

I have never been into the wifey types
A woman who just gives up her life
to a man and bonds herself
to his every wish
as though she exists
for his every command
I always thought
there’s got to be
something better
than this
that a woman should bow
for lack of a dick?
And yet it seems
every woman I meet
from the day she was made
has been taught to be a slave
to humble herself at a mans feet
sorry but that not a woman
at least not a woman for me
I glory most
in an undependent mind
more than the junk in the trunk
of a healthy behind
that wiggles and jiggles
to service me
just so I allow my wallet
to be empty
wow, legalized prostitution
that’s quite a marriage vow
but there are those yet still
who will call it love
somehow ordained
by some nameless god above
If that be what your faith
calls you to do
who am I to question
what works for you
As for me and my house
we will serve each other
not lion and mouse
but EQUAL and together
in all things
not by the rules of some book
pieced together
by pale faced crooks
who stole lands
and gained fame
for things he never discovered
then raped our mothers
in Jesus name
A woman for me
be she ghetto and loud
Lakisha Shanita
Afrocentric and proud
is everything
I will ever need
She don’t have to be perfect
as long as she is free