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blaqndayLike most kids, I could be a little lazy. When visiting my dad at his place I would get so excited because he had cable TV and we didn’t even have a color TV yet at our old place in the projects, which was tucked so back out of the way that even the rabbit ears didn’t pick up much of a signal. For you young ones, go ask your grandma about dat…lol. Dad was always big about getting up and making your bed and getting your morning business over with so you could have the rest of the day to do what you wanted. I learned that discipline from him and that is how I was with my own kids when I was married.

But this one Saturday morning I wanted to see this movie everybody was talking about so I took a bath and jumped right out to turn on the movie channel. Dad had already left that morning to go hunting and when he got back in he was not pleased at how I left that tub. I heard him “Lil Guy come here right now. You see that mess you left in that bathroom? Don’t you EVER let me see that again, you hear me?”

I was so ashamed of myself I said, “Yes daddy I am so sorry I know you taught me better than that and I should not have let that movie get in the way of doing the right thing.”

He just grumbled and said “ok as long as you hear me now get this cleaned up so I can take a shower.” Well it messed me up so bad that I didn’t even feel like watching the movie. I was determined to make it right so I got right to work on that bathroom.

I got in there and shut the door and after a while I heard my father knock “Lil Guy what are you doing in there?”

“I said I am just finishing Daddy.” When I opened the door that bathroom looked like a brand new 5 star hotel. You had to have shades on to protect your eyes from the shine.

Dad started laughing and he called to his girlfriend “Baby you got to see this”.  Even at that age, dad was not much taller than me but he was one of those fit hardworking short black men. But his girl had some size- about twice the size of my mama but she was nice and kind.

She said “Oh my goodness Lil Guy you make me ashamed of myself. I ain’t never seen this bathroom this clean.”

And my dad said “yeah not since I was in the Army. Alright Lil Guy you can go back and watch TV now.”

So I go back to the living room and dad starts the shower. He liked them steaming hot just like I do today. About 5 minutes later I hear his girl ask him “are you clean yet?” then a few giggles as I hear a door open. I was young but I knew she had gone into the shower with him.

Well about 5 minutes later I heard a K-K-K-KA-KA-KA-KA-BOOOOOM!!! Followed by some moans. The whole apartment shook. I guess they had decided to get a little busy in the shower. I was too scared to ask if everything was alright so I just waited.

Soon the water was turned off. The moans and groans followed as they made their way out of the bathroom and shut the bedroom door. Dad came out a few minutes later in hi robe and asked “Lil Guy, what did you clean that shower with? Turtle Wax?”

I said “No daddy I just scrubbed it real good so you wouldn’t be mad at me no more.”

And from that day on, he never let me clean the bathroom again. It was just an unspoken thing. Nobody ever knew why they both were walking funny for weeks. Oh lawd I coulda killed them. Lol -NEO BLAQNESS