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As a media, social, and political commentator, it doesn’t come any more fiery than Neo Blaqness who pulls no punches as a host or as a guest. A self proclaimed free spirit and independent, Neo is a mix of liberalism with dashes of accountability intertwined.  Where he usually lands on issues leaves both sides flipping a coin to decide who gets to string him up first. His 2008 political broadcast “The American Spectrum” is classic Neo Blaqness as he took on all sides of the debate over Barack Obama and black patriotism, deconstructing the lies and calling both black and white to spiritual accountability.

Considered a little too hot for prime time, stations feared backlash and lost revenue from whites and the church over the unorthodox intellectual style of Neo Blaqness’ presentation which was more threatening than the same ole toothless complaints they were already accustomed to ignoring from black radio commentators. His theme song, You Can’t Own God written by Top 40 award winning musician and friend Ric Sandler was a punch below the bible belt. The broadcast remains a cult classic whose prophetic points are still relevant today.

Fear over Neo’s voice as a political and social commentator led to the development of,  The Neo Blaqness Show which appears both in podcast form and occasional guest radio programming, and the formation of TrubuNEWS, a growing grass roots Afrocentric newspaper syndicating in communities across America. Since 2008, Neo’s fan base across the social media spectrum where he engages the black community is collectively in the tens of thousands with his “Ask Neo Blaqness” relationship column receiving hundreds of letters a week from black women nationally and internationally. His poem  Ode to My Father which he orated to Air On Simple Gifts  played at the inauguration of President Obama has been critically acclaimed internationally. Neo’s written social commentaries continue to garner interests from a growing fan base of black celebrities who welcome a voice from someone not tied to politics or religion unafraid to speak truth to power.