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by Neo Blaqness

Somewhere in my nights
I dream of you
Tho your face I have not known
nor the colour of your voice
or the brightness of your smile
But still I see you
in that warm glow that remains
long after the sunset
Rippling waters soothe my ears
in the moonlit night
that brings you forth
with the coming tide
On ocean’s glass we lay
Pressed between the stars
and eternity
These vessels which
we hold so dear
intertwined in the ecstasy
of quickened breath
and hottened blood
and milkened white
that both creates life
and feeds the living
In the day that is still this night
I dream of you
Dreamer that I am
making real the folly of my hopes
and the futility of my faith
such as it is
At least
as I have been judged
unfit to live this daily life
for lack of ability or willingness
Neither of which I am quite sure
To follow things so ancient
Relics of the truth worshipped
beyond the meaning of today
A heathen
to the god of the flat earth
that we should enjoy
In such a love
as this
only to dream
in black and white
that your hand
might someday
colour my world