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by Neo Blaqness

I wish I could say I am perfect for you;
But I am not even perfect for myself.
I wish I could be the one who completes you;
But giving you all I have would leave me empty.
I wish I could promise you that I could never love another.
But the love I have to give is meant to be shared.
I wish I could be that knight or that hero that sweeps away
all your troubles;
But then how would you learn to help another in need?
I wish I could be your king;
But your spirit should be subject to NO man.
I wish I could promise you my undivided attention;
But you are not my only passion.
I wish I could take away every pain of you heart;
But then what wisdom would you have to offer?
I wish I could give you the riches of the world;
But then what space would be left for your soul to search
or hunger?
I wish that I could live an eternity in your arms;
But then how would I know the treasure that is each
moment with you?
I wish I could make you happy;
But happiness is not to be found; it is to be lived,
I wish I could say I could never to live without you;
But a strong love stays because it chooses.
And weak love stays because it has no place else to go.
I wish I could raise your self esteem
But if I did, it would no longer be yours
The desires of the heart often self-less
Such is the priceless value of love
But each of our lives would be worthless
If granted the wishes above