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by Neo Blaqness

There’s a song moving through my body
inspired by the rhythm of our love
that sweet extemporaneous groove
we laid down last night
where you set the bass
and I followed in the tempo
striking licks on the lead
of the down beat of each measure
while your gyrating sax
blew a soothing tone of ecstasy
taking the reed of your mouth
I breathed into the instrument
of my pleasure
joining the horn section
with the glide of my trombone
as your trumpets stood erect
awaiting my hands to join
in the harmony
of funk and fusion
palming the drums
as they vibrate to the waves
of sound arising from the sheets
of music
as the solo comes to me
full notes, half notes
quarter notes, eighth notes
intensifying beats
pianissimo to mezzo forte
until the last strike of the drum
reverberates to the bottom of the bass
and the last sound of the sax
echoes into the night…