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by Neo Blaqness

When happiness fails to find you
When memories turn unkind
When tears start to blind you
With pains from your heart and mind
When life dims the brightness of your smile
When hope seems to fade with each passing mile
When it feels like love has been gone a while
Think of me
For I will always hold you in my heart
Fondly remember in my mind
How you stirred my spirit from the start
Helped my soul again to find
A brand new way to live this life
To rise above the burdens and strife
When I am asked how I made it through
I often say because of you
We do not always understand
The meaning nor the master plan
Of how or why we find each other
To be friends or best of lovers
I can only speak what is my truth
Lessons learned from long lost youth
The same that I once helped you find
Within your once unclouded mind
But now the palette has been cleansed
Faded pictures, unfocused lens
Unclear of where to begin again
Blessed with such a cursed sin
Paint your palette blue and gray
Look out on a summer’s day
And I will listen as I know how
Perhaps you’ll listen now…