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by Neo Blaqness

Somethin’s broke
but it ain’t my heart
cuz it’s still beatin
and it ain’t my spirit
cuz it’s still leading
me wherever I need to be
but it rattles my brain
when I walk
it swells up my tongue
when I try to talk
it wells up my eyes
when I blink
ties my stomach in knots
when I lay me to sleep
I thought I could cut it out
but I think its too deep
Somethin’s broke
I done looked all over
inside myself
and all up under
my thoughts and feelins
my lies my truths
but all I could find
was this here twine
that used to be
tied to my insides
you kno that one
you give to your closest friend
to tie up to their other end
so I pulled it
like I usually do
knowing it always
connected to you
cept this time
it done turned up loose