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by Neo Blaqness

Today I got that feelin
you know the one
that used to stop me dead
when I’d call and ask
are you alright
and you’d say
damn baby
you must live in my head
cuz its scary
how you know
just when to call
I’m not used to a man
who won’t let me fall
all over the fears
of my imagination
after years of tears
then settlin for masturbation
gettin more satisfaction
from the fingers
on my hand
than the drama that came
wrapped up in a man
I can see you laughing
readin this now
but are you asking yourself
like I am…how
we ended up
like we are today
after all the things
we had to say
funny how life
turns out this way
back to that feelin
that won’t go away
I’m not tryin to sweat you
but you kno
I can’t just forget
everything we been through
so pardon
this one time
my interruption
of your life
cuz my heart
won’t be fine
til it knows
you’re alright