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ii BooG
by Neo Blaqness

In case you ever wondered
do I really still think of you
of course I do
even after all the clouds
and storms we been through
you see I am the kind
who neva minded
gettin soaked in the rain
hopping puddles
splashing mud
all up in my face
I guess that’s part
of the child
still in me
the one who couldnt afford
designer jeans
I wanted to splash
you needed to keep
your Apple Bottoms clean
we each had our way
of looking at the rain
I saw the water as life
you asked
where the hell was da drain
yeah yeah
I know how much you paid
for them thangs
It seems the only thing
that truly separated us
was stuff
I couldn’t care less
you couldn’t get enough
the price we paid
was us
It’s not that I minded
all the finer things
but I felt
we were being blinded
by the memories
of what we never had
I feared becoming
just as bad
as the folks
we used to talk about
back in the day
before we got clout
back in the hood
when your hair was nappy
wearin hand me down shoes
but just as happy
as me
when we all
used to dance in the rain
one day
I hope you find
that young girl