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by Neo Blaqness

The day I almost lost you
was such an ordinary day
went to work
handled my business
in my usual way
Went for a run
sat down for a bite
and then I got
the call
things for you
weren’t going right
not right at all
My heart sank
my body ached
I struggled to
breathe air
All I could think
of is why the hell
you wouldn’t let
me be right there
by your side
I cried
is this the way
it ends
I begged to live
each moment
with you
you wanted
to spare
your friend
the agony
that you believed
would be
my last
of you
but if you could see
and if you only knew
the beauty of
the timeless gift
of love forever true
you gave to me
in ways
that no weather
could beat nor fade
the sunshine
of my life
you are
the breeze
within the shade
the substance
in the hollow
for the empty
you are
the fill
when storms
take flight
you are the byrd
and I become
your will
to live this life
I wanted you
forever by my side
the day
I almost lost you
is the day
I wanted
to die
we knew
there was a chance
before all
was said and done
that we would
miss the dance
we planned
in front
of everyone
but the way
I almost lost you
the way
it happened to be
was worse
than the price
of dreaming
of that life
of you and me
to know
that you were living
and that you
yet may live
but have no
memory of giving
me your heart
twas once now gone
and never is
somthin’s broke
the melancholy
of our starry starry nights
an anthology of questions
ending asking
r u alright
forever passed
in quickened time
you answered
me with love
that lingered
beyond the veil
of memories lost
tis now
what was
and yet not
quite at all
what we
had planned
to be
the day
I almost lost you
still ends
the day
that will
never be

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