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by Neo Blaqness

There comes a time
when someone must
have the courage
to say
and admit to ones self
as much as you tried
tho no one is wrong
something’s not right
we can prolong it
find all the reasons
to fight on
pretend that it’s all
we hoped it could be
when in reality
its all about
the convenience
of me
and you
only when you feel
the need
when filled to capacity
your heart
prefers to be free
who am I to complain
that’s exactly how
I used to be
but now that I’m grown
I understand
the demands
of the heart
needing a home
beyond the measure
of intertwined thighs
and passionate pleasures
true love
needs eyes
to look into
a voice to befriend you
when all around you
the world befalls
love finds that moment
in eternity
to call
if only to say
“you were on my mind”
you may find it
but I’m afraid
not this time…