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by Neo Blaqness

My daddy used to say
close only counts
in horse shoes and grenades
that if you want success
in any other way
you don’t just pray
to be blessed
you get off your ass
and pay your dues
you step up
and step out
without even a clue
of what it’s all about
but you earn
your stripes
by learning your way
no gripes
no hype
no excuses today
you may even
fall on your face
but that’s ok
the greater disgrace
is just staying there
using God as an excuse
for saying prayers
just as easily made
on your feet
faith strengthens resolve
it don’t
make you weak
wisdom is for all
to find
if they seek
some of us
live our lives
pitching horseshoes
and grenades
never ringing the spike
never crossing blades
just playing it safe
never meeting the enemy
face to face
and we wonder
why life
runs all over us
on a road to nowhere
I guess that’s
close enough