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by Neo Blaqness

To stand
for anything
you believe is right
is not about hatred
it’s not about might
it’s not about proving
who’s wrong
or who’s right
it’s not about
everything being
black or white
but about what stirs
within your soul
that you can live with
when your eyes
grow old
and can clearly see
that you tried
to be wise
despite the temptation
to compromise
which is not alone
a dirty word
when it’s made
from things
you’ve truly learned
and not just
changing your mind
in some feeble attempt
to buy more time
to figure out a way
to have what you want
but never really change
to stand alone
on the highway of life
in a mist
of gray
with everyone driving
recklessly about
while you somehow
know the way
is no miracle
or arrogance
that you arrive unscathed
some see only the fog
others trust the light
to lead them on
their way

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