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by Neo Blaqness

Its been a while now
perhaps even longer on my part
Time never moved fast
since you been on my heart
its because
I never wanted it to
I wanted each second
to last a moment
to last hours
to be a lifetime
that I would never
awake without you
so much so
that I dared not
close my eyes
tho sleep begged me for mercy
I deprived my body
for the sake of my heart
my mind
for the sake of my soul
my life
for the sake of my spirit
never wanting to miss
a single blink
of life
the picture looked
so perfect
with you in it
How now
can I imagine my sky
without the radiance
of your sun
My nights
without the stars in your eyes
My winters
without the warmth
of your heart
my springs
without the flowers
of your blessed place beside me
my summer
without your soothing kisses
my autumns
without the song of you
that rustled through
the falling leaves
for my world no longer turns
now that you are gone
so too have I lost
the seasons of my life
an unceasing winter
kept alive
by the lingering embers
of the fire
that was once
you and me