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by Neo Blaqness

Take a moment.
Look at yourself.
Now let me tell you what I see.
It’s not your cleavage
or your puckered lips
or your ass raised in the air.
It’s not your tongue
stuck between your fingers
or your different styles of hair.
It’s not your booty call agreements
or how you strike a pose and stare.
Or how you say you on your grown and sexy.
No- none of that matters here.
Behind all the vanity
that disguise your lies,
your eyes always tell the truth.
The painful cracks
within the armor
leading back to youth.
You think you cover it well.
But what you cover it with.
Is not who you truly are.
So let me tell you this.
Pretend the world
is full of men
who hear but cannot see.
Then look within and ask,
how would you describe yourself
when nothing matters visually?
Would you like
what you describe that you see?
Is there beauty that remains
after vain stains are washed away?
For such is the price of time.
As we age we all grow blind
to the things that should not
have really mattered
in the importance
that we give.
Tis by the beauty
of the love within,
that we should
together live