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by Neo Blaqness

How can I
put this delicately
without you thinking
I’m bein mean
I know I said
I like your thyckness
but baby I’m concerned
about the sickness
this complacency
we now have
with obesity
so much so
we can’t even
call it what it is
each year
we call MORE sexier
is less years
you got to live
I ain’t frontin
I went huntin
for a gal with
meat on the bones
but now that
we gettin older
I worry bout
livin in
an empty home
we can’t play
with what
the doctor say
the strain on
your joints and heart
ain’t quite
what I imagined
when we said
til death
do us part
and losing you
like that
I love every bit
of who you are
but baby
time to face
some facts
you don’t like
what you see
that is why
you always
look to me
to pump up
your esteem
each time you
grow a size
I didn’t realize
I’m killing you
by the love
in my eyes
not wanting
to be critical
knowing just
how cynical
your so called
friends had been
in the past
smiling in your face
behind your back
I wanted it
to be unequivocal
my love for you
to the point
that I’ve stayed
when I should
have dealt
with the reality
of you
killing yourself
I guess my excuse
had always been
our youth
until that day
I found you
laying on the floor
now for the sake
of my forever love
I can’t be silent
and tell my brothers
to tell their mothers
daughters lovers
sisters too
that the temple
where our spirits dwell
does not belong to you
it is as it should
always be
a reflection
of a heart
seeking to honor
this precious gift
of life
given by God