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Most people go through a middle aged crisis. But I had a middle aged clarity and thought I would share just a few personal epiphanies from it.

1.  Racism is a tool of the rich to keep the poor fighting among them self. Give the white man a darker man to blame while you are busy turning everyone into “niggers”. That is the true lesson of this failed global economy. There are no rich racists. The god of greed comes in all colors.

2.  Religion is the creation of the powerful to give the weak minded someone else to cry to other than their own divine sensibilities. There are no “Holy” books or “Holy” men- just holes in the truth filled by man’s imagination and lust for power. Religion provides us an excuse to blame God or the Devil for our own irresponsible and lazy choices while hiding behind the foolishness of prophets and preaching.

3.  God is who we are. It is neither vain nor blasphemous to understand that, just as our sons and daughters were born to be us, that we were born to be as the Creator is. Life is not about eternal worship, but constant growth- which is not about blessings, but understanding the way, the truth, and the life of what we were created to be. As such, none of us is called above any other. We rise according to our own desire for wisdom and in equal fellowship share in what we know.

4.  Sex without love is just like taking morphine when there is no pain- just another addiction for losers with dead end lives. Sharing body parts like dirty needles and rolling the dice with each injection. Passion without love is lust- just another deed done for selfish reasons. But a passionate love creates Intimacy with a need and desire to know and to share and to empower one another spiritually, physically, and emotionally.

5.  Monogamy as a form of righteousness is a myth- a creation of the hypocrite to cover their lusts, and a security blanket of the abused to cover their pain and jealousy. Who we love and how we love is not about numbers, it is about honesty and choice.

6.  Love is the only reason we live this life. It is what we are here to learn and the only way we can be trusted with the power and responsibilities of our spiritual nature when we leave this place. Without love we cannot be god with God and must be separated to another place where we can do no harm for however long it takes for us to learn to love. That is the true nature of hell- the distance and separation of us from the Creator.

7.  Truth is what we choose to see for ourselves and not what others say it is. It cannot be seen through fear or intimidation nor through promises of acceptance, love, or heavenly reward. It must stand alone in the coldness of unrepentant scrutiny, ignorance, and mockery- fearing no blasphemy, neither lashing out in its defense. For it is not a physical thing to be covered or diminished as it cannot be removed from ones heart.

These are my truths. Echoes from my middle aged clarity.  I am not asking for your agreement. You are entitled to disagree and believe otherwise. But what is more important is that you find your own reasons to believe and live HONESTLY in it.