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-by Neo Blaqness

HIM:  “Turn right at the next road.”

HER:  “The map says to keep straight.”

HIM:  “That may be true but I know where we are, turn right.”

HER:  “I ain’t turning right. Why you always trying to take over?”

HIM:  “I am not trying to take over, but have you been here before? I have. So turn right at the next road.”

HER:  “You think you know everything, why can’t you just trust somebody?”

HIM:  “This has nothing to do with trusting you.”

HER:  “Well I got these off the computer so I think they are just fine.”

HIM:  “Ok so you saying I should trust the Internet over the fact that I know this place? Just turn right at the next road. It’s coming up.”

HER:  “Why you always trying to control me like I can’t look something up for myself and do it without you saying something?”

HIM:  “I never said a word while we were on the way here but now we at a place where my experience tells me different so if you don’t make the next right please pull over and let me out.”

HER:  “Oh so it’s like that? Because you can’t control me and get your way you just gonna leave me? Cuz you think you know everything.”

HIM:  “Baby do you see all this rain we came through? Up ahead is a flash flood area. I know this beause I been here before. If you go straight, you gonna get swept off the road.”

HER:  “Well why didn’t you tell me?”

HIM:  “Because you was already nervous taking your turn driving in this rain and I didn’t want to scare you. So…. why are you stopping?”

HER:  “I don’t want to drive anymore.”