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– by Neo Blaqness

It’s just something
about her eyes
though I have never seen a word
spoken from her lips
I cannot deny
the things I’ve heard
Coming from her spirit
the countenance that time
has chiseled on her heart
and it makes me
start to cry
When I contemplate the light
that has been covered
by the dark
pains that others brought
and some even upon herself
the blackened lids
that represent
eyes long closed
to many truths
blindly walking
unknown paths
whilst others
pick-pocketed her youth
yet somewhere
in her eyes
a beautiful wisdom
is shining through
One that tells
quite a different story
than the words
on her tattoos
and the foolish deeds done
when life was young
and it was just
the thing to do
No, these eyes
are not the alluring
enticing ones that said
I got the cake
you bring the icing
let the oven
be our bed
but light a candle
bring the wine
and together
let’s break bread
without a single word
I look upon her
and understand
that before me
is now a woman
finally ready
for a real man