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1. If you lived any part of life without a phone.
2. If you lived any part of life without a car.
3. If you ever had to walk home or ride the bus with groceries.
4. If you ever stood out in the rain, cold or snow waiting for a ride.
5. If you ever walked because you couldn’t afford bus fare.
6. If you ever paid for gas out of the change in your ash tray.
7. If you ever paid for food from a jar of pennies so you could eat.
8. If you ever prayed your way home cuz you had no money for gas.
9. If you ever prayed your way to somewhere cuz you had no choice and hoped somebody had gas money to get you back.
10. If you ever had to wash clothes in the bathtub cuz you couldn’t afford the laundromat.
11. If you ever went through summers with no air conditioning.
12. If you ever rode in hot cars with no A/C stacked up funk to funk on each other lap just to go to church or the beach or the amusement park.
13. If you ever had a relative sittin on the toilet while you taking a bath.
14. If you ever ever ran to a phone booth to win a radio call in contest.
15. If you ever got as black and ashy as an asphalt road walking home from the community pool.
16. If you ever paid the ice cream man with sweaty change from yo mama bra.
17. If you ever used a purple Crown Royal bag as a piggy bank.
18. If you ever used water to soften up torn up paper grocery bags or other hard paper cuz yall out of toilet paper and no store was close to the hood.
19. If you ever hand washed and ironed the same clothes because they was the only good ones you had to wear several times a week.
20. If there was ever certain times of the month it took 3 or 4 neighbors putting their food together so the kids could eat.
21. If you ever had to just get used to roaches cuz even tho yall clean, the dirty neighbors kept the building infested.
22. If you ever had to walk through weed and drunks hanging out front to get in your building.
23. If you ever played in the street when the fire department hooked a sprinkler up to a fire hydrant in the hood.
24. If you ever had a pastor with a jerry curl, a perm, or golds who preached like Little Richard.
25. If you ever had a mama who used spit as lotion to get the ash offa yo face.