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Chances Are

I don’t know if they teach this anymore but this is what I was taught in college years ago. Each time you have sex with someone, they leave a part of their DNA inside you.

So Lo

I’m not sayin u can’t change,
but wut da hell u think it look lyk
wen you postin u lookin fa a dude
dat can keep u maintained?

Gone to The Dawgs

Now they even going as far as posting pics wearing dog ears and dog noses and they have no idea what that is really saying about who we are. It ain’t cute. It ain’t funny.

By Any Means

I’m not asking permission
to walk down the street
I’m not asking permission
for the company I keep
I’m not asking permission
for the car that I drive
I’m not asking permission
to simply be alive

Do Me

CLICK BELOW TO LISTEN DO ME by Neo Blaqness Why do I need this why am I on here why does a digital kiss feel more real than from the one who’s sposed to care laying next to me in my bed why is my friends list dancin in my head why isnt my love dancin inside me instead...


CLICK BELOW TO LISTEN LEGACY by Neo Blaqness When I look into your eyes whose eyes do I see not your mammas or your daddys but some shade made In a factory When we hooked up on the dance floor I was checkin out your doo I would run my fingers through your hair If I...

No Mo

CLICK BELOW TO LISTEN NO MO by Neo Blaqness Gurl I ain’t even talking to you no mo how many times have you heard that line before then half way out the door scratchin his head changin his mind knowing damn well nobody else gone put up with his behind at least not with...

That’s Life

CLICK BELOW TO LISTEN THAT’S LIFE by Neo Blaqness Okay so you fucked up but that’s a part of life asking forgiveness just for living never seemed quite right it seems to me god shouldn’t be the one asking for an apology I know it’s blasphemy but if I wasn’t...

Sistah Take Your Crown

CLICK BELOW TO LISTEN SISTAH TAKE YOUR CROWN by Neo Blaqness I dun seen your profile frontin like you stuntin with swagg and style talkin bout how you want a nicca who got his own all the while Section 8 payin for your home niccas 1 3 and 5 payin for your phone stair...