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-by Neo Blaqness

How do you answer
a woman
who feels
who says
“If you knew
the truth
about me
I know
you’d desert me”
I raise the question
because some of you
one day
will meet
a man
not trying
to have his way
not a one night stand
a man
wanting to stay
in your life
even talking bout
making you
his wife
all the reasons
that others
might even
call you
a whore
a label
you’re sure
would run him
out the door
and because
you feel less
you think
you don’t
deserve more
and create
quite a mess
trying to spare
his heart
the knowledge
of things
you did
in the dark
Your answer
might differ
but mine
always begins
with “my darling
I love you
and love covers
a multitude
of sins