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by Neo Blaqness

There is a crime
that has people
doing time
It’s called
after the fact
When a person’s decision
to make an omission
of things
that should have
been said
is as damaging
as the crime itself
even though
they played no part
How well I know
so many times
this crime
has been played
on my heart
There are just some things
you do not wait
til feelings
have begun
and set someone up
to feel like your secret
is the reason
for rejection
When in reality
had you come clean
instead of holding
a silent lie
who really knows
if love woulda prevailed
but now
your credibility
has died
along with all
the things you said
that were once
believed as true
Face to face
embraced in bed
I love you
Plots are thickened
motives sicken
and poison
what could have been
Your first choice
when you find your voice
is to ask
“Can we still be friends?”
When sincerely
an apology
should be
the only order of the day
then prayerfully
give someone space
to hear
what God has to say
instead you arrogantly
become displeased
when the wound
does not magically mend
and exude
an attitude
nailing coffins
between friends
that leaves me to wonder
if the thunder
I heard
was a warning sign
to check the size
of the cemetery
that dwells
your mind