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~By Neo Blaqness~

Today I met my brother,
as I was walking across the street
Tis true we share no mother
but that’s not how it is
when brothers meet
In family skin is how we begin
and truly recognize
Be that of wealth or poverty
we knew each other by our eyes
Which speak the knowledge of our fathers
tho lo many have not we known
for in the care of mothers
is how most of us have grown
and yet when I meet my brother
and reach out to share his hand
and pull forth in warm embrace
I face the other half of man
I may not have fully known
growing in my mother’s care
but together with my brother
I feel as if I’m almost there
I discover there’s a strength
no woman can teach nor replace
unique is this our struggle
for the brothers of our race
Tis not to say a woman’s care
has no value to our life
but no more can or should a man
teach a woman to be a wife
and so in the absence of our fathers
bonded brothers should we be
in spirit and in truth
and with love should we entreat
each other with our knowledge
chastisement and wisdom too
that we should make men of ourselves
worthy of women such as you
and redeem unto our daughters
living now and yet not born
the blessings of true fathers
for generations evermore