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by Neo Blaqness

gurl I luv me sum u
cuz u got that smile
my mamma use to have
even when she knew
all the things I didnt
about my dad
Its that keep on keepin on
kinda swagg
to let your babies know
things ain’t all that bad
even tho
sometimes its for show
to not steal their childhood back
But sometimes
when I see you
I know those eyes
Windows to the worries
behind the disguise
You won’t say a word
But then I ask
about the tears
behind the mask
you tell me baby
I got class
even if I dont got
a pot to piss in
I ain’t tryin to use you
you’re my friend
And I tell you baby
I may be worth
more than
what you got
in your purse
but there is no treasure chest
that could hold
the weight
of your heart of gold
and that is why
I luv me some u
cuz even in your needs
you keep doin for you
and still find ways
to give to others
You kno people wonderin
if we be lovers
cuz whenever you’re near
they can see right through
to my heart
It’s clear
I luv me sum u